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May 19, 2022 // The LEGENDARY Otis Sanford visits EES Success Academy!!!

Today, Memphis Journalist and The University of Memphis Journalism professor, Otis Sanford stopped by to meet EES Success Academy students and congratulate them for being published authors who earn royalties. He also gave kudos to the school for being the only school to ever publish students' and staff members' original fiction and nonfiction works. "He shared such profound wisdom relative to how to navigate the writing process and we are so honored that a man of his stature took time out to come by and encourage and support our students". -Candace Jones, EdD


Prof. Otis Sanford began his professional journalism career in 1975 in Jackson, Mississippi at The Clarion-Ledger as an entertainment and feature writer. He later covered police and local government at The Clarion-Ledger.

In 1994 Prof. Sanford returned to The Commercial Appeal as deputy managing editor and in 2000 he launched The Desoto Appeal daily edition and pioneered The Teen Appeal high school student newspaper in 1997. In 2002 Prof. Sanford was promoted to managing editor and in 2007 he was named editor for opinion and editorials. In that role, he started writing a weekly column for the Sunday Viewpoint section. He also launched the citizen editorial board to give readers an opportunity to help shape the newspaper's editorial voice. In 2008 he served as chairman of the Mid-America Press Institute and in 2010 Sanford was elected president of the Associated Press Managing Editors Association.

In January 2011, Prof. Sanford joined the University of Memphis Department of Journalism faculty. He currently teaches Media Writing, Mass Media, Diversity & Society, Survey of Mass Communication and Reporting. He continues to write the weekly Viewpoint column for The Commercial Appeal and does daily political commentary for WREG-TV Channel 3 in the Memphis. He also serves as a panelist and co-host of Informed Sources, a weekly public affairs show on Channel 3.

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