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Bloom at Success Academy 

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Success Method

Success Academy's program revolves around the tenets of repetition, memorization, project-based learning, experiential learning, character education, team work, developing and exhibiting effective verbal and written communication skills, developing a healthy self-image and establishing positive and healthy interpersonal relationships.


Success Model

Once upon a time, education was simple. It was basic and not convoluted. Children sat in a one room schoolhouse and they achieved. They advanced in higher levels of learning as their teacher knew them as individuals and ensured that they received what they needed academically. 

They were not compared to and forced to compete with their peers across the state and nation. The focus was whether or not they were working to the height of their own potential. That was then. It is time to revisit and champion the strategies of old. They were effective. We now introduce to you, Success Academy, for that time has come again!

Success method and Model

Thoughts from our Founder

"We have expanded our services into the launch of a K-12 school, Success Academy, that will meet the academic and social needs of students who are currently facing challenges inherent in traditional education.  Some students simply need to be challenged but cannot due to their teacher’s class load being too high or curricular restraints that will not allow a student to advance past the current grade level in the same year.  Additionally, some students are suffering due to trauma and other behavioral health issues. If these factors are ignored, success will scarcely be attainable. To meet the aforementioned growing need, EES Success Academy is providing a unique program, strategically designed to ensure that every student attains success. Further, Success Academy exists solely to ensure that children learn and grow in a nurturing environment absent of the constraints inherent in traditional school. We are an alternative for parents who want to secure a healthy, flourishing, successful future for their children."

~Dr. Jones


Dr. Candace Jones

Thoughts from our Founder
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