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April 28, 2023 //2nd Annual Young Writer's Expo & Kindergarten and Senior Graduation

Well, we've done it again! All of our student body has written and published their books - grades K-12, including our special needs students! Exactly who does that?

WE do that because we are SUCCESS!

Join us for a wonderful time of celebration! Come prepared to support our students by purchasing multiple books.

We have a special surprise this year as we have partnered with local record label Live the Music. They have taught our students about the business side of the music industry. Additionally, they have worked with students to bring their orignal songs into fruition. Their music will be available beginning April 28, 2023 on Spotify! Not only are we celebrating published authors we are celebrating published musicians, singers, and rappers!

Come out and support our young people. Tax deductable monetary and in kind donations will be accepted at the event.



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